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Lower Alcohol Limit for Massachusetts OUI: Probably Not Anytime Soon

By: Christopher Coughlin
May 23, 2014
Each state has the authority to write and enforce its own criminal laws; however, this does not mean that the Federal government cannot make recommendations and push states to make...

Dangerous Synthetic Drug “Molly” Has Hit the Streets of Boston

By: Christopher Coughlin
Feb 23, 2014
“Molly” – a nickname derived from “molecule” – is a highly addictive synthetic drug that has burst onto the U.S. club scene and is being abused mostly by younger people....

Man Charged for Drunk Driving After Reporting an Accident

By: Christopher Coughlin
Feb 6, 2014
It is rare that a person is punished for doing the right thing. However, recently, a Massachusetts man, who believed he was doing just that, was slapped with criminal charges...