Just outside of Boston city limits, Wynn Resorts’ controversial, sparkling casino and hotel has opened for business. Bringing the glitz and glamor of Las Vegas to Massachusetts may sound like an amazing way to pass the time, but unfortunately, a surprising number of Encore Boston Harbor patrons have instead found themselves spending the night in a jail cell. What is it about this casino that creates such an uproar?

Because the Encore Boston Harbor is the first business of its kind in the Boston area, we encourage you to fully inform yourself of its risks and realities before paying a visit.

The Controversy

Spanning over 33 acres and boasting a wide array of nightlife, shopping, and gambling options, the combination hotel and casino is one of the largest private developments in Massachusetts history. It even boasts a jewel-encrusted carousel. However, the controversy surrounding the Encore Boston Harbor began even before its opening.

Wynn Resorts, owners of the casino, were fined over $35 million for failing to adequately respond to allegations of their CEO’s sexual harassment. Beyond these concerns, the Encore has already developed something of an unsavory reputation in the Boston community. This is primarily due to the high number of arrests that have already taken place on the property during the short time that it has been open for business.

Arrests at Encore Boston Harbor

The Encore opened its doors on June 23rd – just two days later, the first three arrests had taken place. New Yorker Jibing Zhang, 28, was charged with disorderly conduct and assault and battery on a police officer. An adult female from Malden was arrested for trespassing – she refused to leave the premises after being ordered to leave by the casino’s security team. An adult male from Milton was arrested for disorderly conduct, resisting arrest, threats to commit a crime, and assault and battery on a police officer.
Two days later, on July 27th, a 40-year-old male from Beverly was charged with larceny and a warrant. The next day, July 28th, there were four more arrests. A man from Everett was charged with domestic assault and battery, and a woman from Dedham was charged with disorderly conduct, trespassing, indecent exposure, and resisting arrest. Finally, two men were placed into protective custody for intoxication. This is chief among our concerns about the Encore.

Intoxication, OUI, and DUI

Open 24/7, the company’s president boasts that the Encore Boston Harbor doesn’t even have a lock on its front doors. In addition, Wynn Resorts petitioned the Massachusetts Gaming Commission to extend their alcohol serving hours from 2 a.m., the previous cutoff time, to 4 a.m. for those gambling on the casino floors. This license was approved, meaning that alcohol consumption at the Encore is a greater concern than ever before.
Local advocates have expressed reservations about these extended drinking hours – of course, the greatest concern is that people will drive themselves to the casino, stay until last call, and then drive themselves home drunk. This apprehension stems from the cost of a night in the hotel and the proximity to Boston. Those who are local to the area are unlikely to stay on premises, which can cost up to $1,843 for a weekend in a “premier king” room. Instead, officials worry that gamblers will take a chance and get behind the wheel.

Don’t Take the Risk

First, if you wish to patronize the Encore Boston Harbor, be sure to take public transportation. There is no street parking available in Everett – officials say not to even try it. Representatives from the casino expect up to 50,000 visitors on busy days, meaning that while indoor parking is available, it will be both pricy and limited. Additionally, because of the significant concerns about driving under the influence or operating while under the influence, you should always take public transportation or a taxi service when departing for a night out on the town. In addition, be sure to educate yourself on the realities of OUI charges in Boston.
In order to be convicted of an OUI charge, it must be proved that…
  1. The vehicle was operated,
  2. On a public way or other area that members of the public have right of access to, and
  3. The operator of the vehicle was under the influence of an intoxicant.
In the case of the Encore Boston Harbor, the “intoxicant” will likely be alcohol – officers will look for a blood alcohol concentration of 0.08% or higher for those who are of legal age. For those under the age of 21, penalties begin at a BAC of 0.02%.

Don’t Bet with Your Life

The penalties for OUI and DUI conviction are severe and can include imprisonment, revocation of your driver’s license, and significant fines and fees. If you are facing an OUI or DUI charge after spending time at a Boston-area casino, be sure to contact an experienced OUI defense lawyer.
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