Defense Lawyer for Domestic Violence in Massachusetts

Domestic violence charges can lead to severe consequences. If you’ve been arrested under charges of domestic violence, it is crucial to safeguard your rights by consulting with a seasoned criminal defense attorney at the Coughlin Law Group. Our defense lawyers specialize in cases involving assault and battery allegations.

MA Domestic Violence: Don't Underestimate Your Charges

Charges of domestic violence are severe matters. Many defendants mistakenly believe that the charges will dissolve if the alleged victim opts not to press charges. However, the prosecution may proceed with charges against the victim’s will and might even summon the victim to testify at trial, regardless of their wishes. Unless the alleged victim is a spouse, they may be forced to testify or risk being held in contempt.

Several defendants find themselves shocked by the situation. Their cases’ circumstances might not seem to merit criminal charges. The following might resonate with your case:

  • You were arrested following a verbal dispute devoid of violence.
  • You might have been arrested for minor contact, like a simple push.
  • Your spouse might be making false allegations to gain an advantage in a divorce or child custody battle.
  • You may have been involved in a mutual altercation.
  • You could have actually been the victim, not the perpetrator of domestic violence.

Prepared to defend your rights

Sometimes, the police simply get it wrong, not knowing who to believe. In other instances, individuals land in jail after a minor dispute spirals out of control. Regardless of the situation, you require an experienced MA domestic violence defense attorney who will stand by you and provide the formidable defense you need.

Our legal team comprises former prosecutors who are experienced domestic assault lawyers, well-versed in defending clients against domestic violence charges. We have established a reputation as a firm that’s prepared to take a case to trial, if necessary, to safeguard a client’s rights and freedom. Our comprehensive trial preparation significantly contributes to our success at trials and facilitates the negotiation of favorable outcomes for our clients. 


Facing a DV charge is daunting. With our proven track record in 100+ trials, we work tirelessly to pursue the best possible result for every client we represent. Don’t hesitate to call 617-758-8888 for an initial consult.

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