Massachusetts Restraining Order & Harassment Defense Services

The realm of restraining orders and harassment charges can be complex and intimidating, especially in the diverse legal landscape of Massachusetts. If you’ve been served a restraining order or accused of harassment in Boston or anywhere in the state,our experienced attorneys can help.

What We Offer

As experts in Massachusetts restraining orders and harassment defense, we offer comprehensive legal services designed to ensure your rights are upheld and your case is presented effectively:

  1. Restraining Order Defense: Being served with a restraining order in Boston or elsewhere in Massachusetts can be daunting and have significant implications on your life. Our experienced restraining order lawyers will guide you through the process, helping you understand the terms of the order, preparing your defense, and representing you in court.
  2. Harassment Charge Defense: Harassment charges can carry hefty penalties in Massachusetts, from fines to jail time. Our harassment lawyers will scrutinize the allegations against you, assess the evidence, and work diligently to build a strong defense on your behalf.
  3. Preparation for Court Hearings: We provide guidance and assistance in preparing for all court hearings, ensuring you understand the process, the charges, and the potential consequences.
  4. Negotiation and Plea Bargains: Our attorneys are skilled negotiators and will strive to secure best-case plea bargains when possible to mitigate the potential consequences of your case.
  5. Trial Representation: If your case goes to trial, our seasoned trial lawyers will represent you rigorously, arguing your case effectively in court.

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The Coughlin Law Group is your reliable resource when you’re seeking defense against a restraining order or harassment charges. Our comprehensive and tenacious defense services secure the best case scenario outcomes for your case, protecting your rights and reputation. To explore how we can support you, call 617-758-8888 

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