Aggressive Vehicular Homicide Defense in Boston

Navigating the aftermath of a vehicular homicide charge is a daunting task. The gravity of the allegations and potential for severe penalties necessitate a vigorous, experienced defense. At the Coughlin Law Group, we understand the magnitude of these situations and are committed to relentlessly defending your rights and freedom. If you’re facing a vehicular homicide charge in Boston, you need the robust, strategic defense provided by our seasoned team.

Unyielding Defense Against Vehicular Homicide Charges

In Massachusetts, vehicular homicide is classified into three categories: vehicular homicide involving Operating Under the Influence (OUI), vehicular homicide involving negligence, and vehicular homicide involving both OUI and negligence. Each category entails unique legal consequences.

At the Coughlin Law Group, we harness our extensive knowledge of Massachusetts vehicular homicide laws and comprehensive legal experience to craft a robust defense strategy customized to each client’s individual case. We understand the nuances of these laws and leverage this understanding in your defense.

Veteran Boston Vehicular Manslaughter Attorneys

Our criminal defense team, comprising a former prosecutor and accomplished trial attorneys, are adept at building effective defense strategies. When you choose to engage our services, we utilize our legal acumen to negotiate with prosecutors, aiming for reduced charges and minimized penalties.

Despite our negotiation efforts, we invariably prepare for trial, ensuring we are primed to represent you aggressively in court if it aligns with your best interests. Our goal is unwavering – to achieve the most favorable outcome in your vehicular homicide case.

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