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At the Coughlin Law Group PC, we are dedicated to safeguarding the rights of clients faced with a variety of assault charges. Remember, an argument among friends can escalate into a life-changing criminal conviction if not properly managed. We are here to assist if you are confronting charges such as assault and battery, domestic violence, or assault with a deadly weapon, especially if this is your first time assault and battery charge.

If you’ve been accused of a violent crime or other violent acts in Massachusetts, you require experienced criminal defense lawyers on your side. Reach out to the Coughlin Law Group at 617-758-8888 today.

Charges and Implications: Understanding Battery Vs Assault

If you’ve been arrested for assault, your liberty and rights are in severe jeopardy. The severity of your charges could expose you to potential outcomes such as jail time, imprisonment in a state or federal facility, loss of your right to own a firearm, probation, court-mandated counseling or treatment, and substantial court fines.

In the case of domestic violence charges, you might even risk losing access to your home if a restraining order is filed against you by your spouse. Understanding the differences between assault and battery in Massachusetts can be vital to your case. While both are serious offenses, battery generally involves intentional and wrongful physical contact, whereas assault can occur even without physical contact, if the victim felt a genuine threat of physical harm.

Experienced Assault Charge Lawyer at Your Service

You need an experienced, skilled assault charge lawyer who will take the time to comprehend the facts of your case, craft a powerful defense strategy, and make every effort to achieve the best possible result on your behalf. You need a law firm with a proven reputation in handling complex criminal cases.

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Our criminal defense attorneys have successfully defended hundreds of clients in district, superior, and federal courts. Our lawyers have experience defending clients charged with assault and battery, domestic violence, rape, weapons violations, and other violent crimes. If you’re seeking an assault lawyer who understands the nuances of your case, we’re here to help, call 617-758-8888.

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