Understanding The BRAVE Act: Defending Veterans against OUI Charges in Massachusetts

Massachusetts, in a steadfast commitment to its military community, enacted the BRAVE Act (Building Resilience and Veterans’ Enrichment Act) offering essential support to veterans confronted with criminal charges, notably Operating Under the Influence (OUI). The BRAVE Act, an omnibus bill passed several years ago and signed by Governor Charlie Baker, provides veterans and their families with vital benefits including educational opportunities, tax credits, and medical aid.

A salient feature of this legislation is the provision of assistance to individuals with evident health issues contributing to OUI charges. Often, those grappling with mental illness or substance use disorders can access treatment, potentially leading to the dismissal of criminal charges. If you are a veteran facing an OUI charge in Boston, you may significantly benefit from this groundbreaking legislation.

Eligibility Under the BRAVE Act

Active military personnel or veterans charged with OUI aren’t automatically covered by the BRAVE Act in Massachusetts. Eligibility is determined by the VA and extends to those suffering from the following conditions as a result of their military service:

  • Serious mental illness
  • Traumatic brain injury
  • Substance use disorder

To qualify under the BRAVE Act, individuals must also have no prior OUI arrests (even if charges were dismissed or the individual was found not guilty). This legislation applies solely to first-time OUI charges, with individuals requiring treatment from the VA for one of the conditions outlined above.

The BRAVE Act Defense with Coughlin Law Group

At the Coughlin Law Group, our extensive experience with the BRAVE Act and our deep understanding of the unique challenges faced by active military personnel and veterans charged with OUI set us apart. We construct a comprehensive, aggressive defense strategy that could lead to the full dismissal of your OUI case.

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