Being stopped at a DUI checkpoint can be a nerve-wracking experience. The tests that are administered are not a perfect science, and if you fail, it does not automatically mean you are guilty of drunk driving. Before you admit defeat or plead guilty, you should consult with a knowledgeable criminal defense attorney who can properly analyze your situation.

Throughout Massachusetts, people seek out the Coughlin Law Group because of our experience in helping people fight DUI/OUI charges. We know the flaws that exist in the different field sobriety tests and Breathalyzer equipment that law enforcement uses. We also know that there are other factors that must be considered when evaluating the circumstances leading to a DUI arrest and charge. For comprehensive representation, contact us today at 617-758-8888.

Am I Guilty If I Fail A Breath Test?

A breath test given in the field or at the police station is not absolute proof of guilt. Machines can malfunction and give false readings. With extensive trial experience, our attorneys know how to effectively question the credibility of these tests.

Whether this is your first offense or you have prior convictions, you may be subject to different penalties with different levels of severity. Not only will we represent you in criminal court, but we will also handle the hearings and appeals with the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles to help reinstate your driving privileges.

Arrested For DUI?

You do not and should not face a drunk driving charge alone. If this is your first offense, our Boston DWI lawyers may suggest you plead guilty in order to accept probation over more serious OUI/DUI/DWI penalties. However, in some cases it makes sense to aggressively fight the charge and seek a dismissal of the case. This is especially true if the stop was not proper or the tests were not administered correctly. Call 617-758-8888 today to get the best possible outcome for your case.

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Facing an OUI charge alone is daunting. With our proven track record in 100+ OUI trials, we assure you that we will fervently pursue and secure the best possible scenario for your case. Don’t hesitate to get the legal support you need, call 617-758-8888 

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