What are Some Different Types of Arrests in Boston, MA

In Boston, Massachusetts, law enforcement can arrest individuals under different circumstances. Knowing the types of arrests and your rights in each scenario is crucial:

  1. Warrant Arrests: In Boston, these occur when a judge or magistrate issues a warrant based on probable cause. Always request to see the warrant and pay attention to its details.
  2. Felony Arrests Without a Warrant: Boston law enforcement can arrest without a warrant if there’s reasonable cause to believe a felony has been committed. Remain silent and ask for a lawyer in this situation.
  3. Misdemeanor Arrests: For misdemeanors, Boston police officers generally need to witness the crime to make a warrantless arrest. You still have the right to remain silent and to legal representation.
  4. Citizen’s Arrest: These are rare and legally complex. In Boston, private individuals can make arrests under certain circumstances. If this occurs, demand to contact a lawyer immediately.

Regardless of the type of arrest in Boston, it’s crucial to remain calm, understand your rights, and immediately request legal counsel. Once you engage the Coughlin Law Group PC, our experienced legal team swings into action. We scrutinize the details of your arrest, ensure your rights have been respected, develop an effective defense strategy, and represent you vigorously through every step of the legal process. You can contact us 24 hours a day by calling 617-758-8888.

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