What to Do When Arrested in Boston, MA: A Step-by-Step Guide

In Massachusetts and across the United States, numerous individuals are unaware of their legal rights when confronted with an arrest. Many fall into the misconception that they can negotiate their way out of charges or swiftly accept a plea deal to bring the situation to a close.

Unfortunately, this approach often leads to jail sentences and a criminal record, subsequently creating barriers in securing employment and housing.

At Coughlin Law Group, we firmly believe in empowering individuals with knowledge about their rights during an arrest and the procedures that follow. By providing this vital guidance, we can prevent potential violations by law enforcement and protect your freedoms. You can reach out to us online or call us at 617-758-8888 to schedule a  consultation where we will explore crucial aspects of your arrest such as:

Exercise Your Right to Remain Silent

Upon questioning by police officers about a crime, remember that your only obligation is to provide them with your name and present identification when requested. If you are not under arrest and free to leave, consider doing so. If, however, you’re under arrest and not allowed to leave, express your wish for an attorney before answering any further questions.

Comply Physically

Do not resist arrest. Doing so can lead to additional charges and potential physical harm. Boston law enforcement is trained to handle resistive behavior.

Request Legal Representation

Ask for an attorney as soon as possible. Be clear in stating that you wish to consult with your lawyer before answering any further questions.

Understand Your Protection Against Warrantless Searches

In the event that police officers show up at your doorstep and request entry, ensure you ask to see a warrant first. If they fail to present one, contact your lawyer immediately. We at the Coughlin Law Group are ready to defend your rights against illegal searches and seizures.

Avoid Accepting a Plea Deal Without Legal Counsel

Prosecutors may tempt you with a plea deal to expedite the case resolution. Never accept such a proposition without first consulting with your criminal defense attorney. Our team will thoroughly evaluate your case and identify the best strategies to protect your freedom and interests. We won’t shy away from taking your case to trial if we believe the outcome will favor you.

Maintain Confidentiality with Your Attorney

Occasionally, in criminal investigations, law enforcement might use your friends or relatives to extract information about the case. Any statement you make in such circumstances can potentially be used against you in the future. Therefore, ensure that you only discuss your case details with your attorney, thus safeguarding yourself from unintended missteps.

Remembering these vital instructions when dealing with criminal charges could significantly impact the final resolution of your case. To gain a more comprehensive understanding of your rights during and following an arrest, contact the Coughlin Law Group, available 24 hours a day, by calling 617-758-8888.

After being arrested in Boston, when you retain Coughlin Law Group PC, our legal team takes immediate action. We review the circumstances of your arrest, develop a comprehensive defense strategy, and ensure your rights are protected throughout the process. Our goal is to fight for your freedom and mitigate the potential impacts on your future. You can reach out to us 24/7 by calling 617-758-8888.

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