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In the heart Boston, Coughlin Law offers formidable legal defense services across a spectrum of criminal charges. With a reputation carved from over 15 years of best case scenario outcomes, we are dedicated to championing our clients’ rights. Whether you face DUI, assault, misdemeanors, or serious federal charges, our seasoned attorneys draw upon rich prosecution and trial experience to craft an aggressive, customized defense.

We understand that the stakes are high. Each case is treated with the urgency and attention it deserves, ensuring you always have a relentless advocate in your corner. When the future hangs in the balance, trust Coughlin Law to go to war for your case.

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Over our 15 years in practice, we’ve shaped a powerful DUI defense that persistently probes evidence and uses inventive tactics to safeguard our clients’ rights and maintain their driving privileges.


Our robust defense against assault charges, scrutinizes evidence and deploys cutting-edge strategies to preserve our clients’ freedoms and reputation.


The severity of federal charges need to be met with robust criminal defense. Our experienced trial attorneys, backed by 15 years of practice, fight to get you the best case scenario outcome. 


Sex crimes carry an enormous weight, with profound impacts on personal and professional lives. In the face of such life-altering accusations, we strive to protect your rights, reputation, and future from these serious charges.

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